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Release Notes v.6

License information

Please read the detailed information at BlueID Open Source Software Documentation in our documentation space about recently added third-party software under open source license.


v6: Support for Uhlmann & Zacher lock cylinders Updated to BlueID SDK for C 3.8.1 and Ready2Go for Nordic nRF52 1.3.1 See Release Notes BlueID SDK for C 3.8.1 and Release Notes Ready2Go for Nordic nRF52832 1.3.1 for details Release date: 25.02.2019

New features

Uhlmann & Zacher lock cylinders are supported in addition to the Uhlmann & Zacher handle Integrated commands for checking firmware and hardware version see Commands and response codes for Uhlmann & Zacher secured by BlueID


Better user experience in signaling UX see Signaling of Uhlmann & Zacher secured by BlueID

Resolved Issues

The first NFC execution after a power cycle fails

Known Issues

Clex Private: if no service key is learned, the BlueID Token Card is recognized as service key, leading into a start and immediate stop of progmode