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Uhlmann & Zacher secured by BlueID

Uhlmann & Zacher secured by BlueID


Uhlmann & Zacher cylinders secured by BlueID

Single or double knob electronic cylinder

  • Modular design, which allows flexible replacement of individual components.

  • Little installation effort without drilling, no special tools required.

  • Battery replacement and disassembly only with Lock Admin App.

  • Outdoor version, protection class IP66.

Uhlmann & Zacher door handles secured by BlueID

Electronic door handles and fittings

  • Suitable for all doors having a thickness of 30 mm to 110 mm.

  • Easy assembly and retrofitting, no special tool required.

  • Round rose or oval rose optionally available

  • Various handle designs: L-form and U-form

Uhlmann & Zacher wall readers secured by BlueID

Wall Readers

  • Suitable for installation in standard flush-mounted boxes.

  • Easy wiring.

  • Can be connected to many available voltage supplies (large voltage range, direct or alternating current).

  • It can be additionally connected to a safety relay module for use in unsecured areas.

Technical data
Power consumption

For the power consumption, we assume one door activation per hour.

Battery Type Number of BlueID Bluetooth command executions Number of BlueID NFC command executions
Door Handle CR17345 in progress in progress

Details regarding low battery warning: Will be defined

Real Time Clock

On installation of an Uhlmann & Zacher secured by BlueID product, the Real Time Clock (RTC) must be set using the time command. The initial time is 01/01/2016 @ 12:00am (UTC). After the initiation, the RTC is running with a maximum time drift of about 10 minutes per year. We recommend setting the real time clock once a year.

Default hardware settings
Type Value
Bluetooth advertisement interval 500ms
User Access Log

The Uhlmann & Zacher secured by BlueID products store up to 275 user accesses (First In - First Out).


The Uhlmann & Zacher secured by BlueID products store up to 300 revocation entries. Revocations get overwritten once they expire.