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Removal of deprecated apis

API Removal date
Online SecuredObject Synchronization 01.01.2018
Token Retrieval via Mobile Device or Secured Object 01.01.2018
Channel nfccard 01.02.2018
Android/iOS SDK 2.x 01.04.2018
Basic Authentication for Backend Services 01.01.2019
BlueID Token Card v1 01.03.2019
Deprecated SecuredObject Synchronization endpoints will be removed

if you have a online SecuredObject and you use the deprecated endpoint /tickets/lockserver/binary of the DeviceAPI

then please switch to the new endpoints

Support for SDK for Android/iOS 2.x will be removed

Please upgrade to version >= 3.0

Basic Authentication for Backend Services

Instead of using Basic Authentication please use OAuth2 Clients to access the Operator API and the Device API.

Token Retrieval via Mobile Device or Secured Object

We will only provide one REST endpoint to retrieve the BlueID tokens: GET /tickets You can search by Mobile Device and/or Secured Object by specifying query parameters The methods GET /mobiledevices/{id}/tickets and GET /securedobjects/{id}/tickets will be removed

Channel nfccard and mifare protocol

The BlueID channel nfccard will not be supported any more Functionality in the initializer, the trustcenter and the embedded part will be deleted Mifare protocol is removed from BlueID SDK for C Core Old components can still use the old channel as long as they are not updated

BlueID Token Card v1

token cards used until sdk for C version 3.5 will not be supported anymore token cards v2 are supported from sdk for C version 3.6 upwards sdk for C version 3.6 is backward compatible with v1 existing token cards can be migrated Existing can be migrated