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SDK for C 3.4

Release Notes SDK for C 3.4

License information

Please read the detailed information at BlueID Open Source Software Documentation in our documentation space about recently added third-party software under open source license.

New Features

LockServer configuration in bcf format supports socket channel now Command for version request 'vers' combines core and platform version now TicketStore can be searched through by index now


Updated micro-ecc version to v1.0 RingBuffer.h is deprecated and has a displacement with the new FsRingBuffer.h. FsRingBuffer has a variable buffer size instead of the fixed one. Otherwise it works just as the old implementation. The Logger now uses the CURRENT_MODULE definition instead of the file name. This happens automatically in SDK for C Core, but be aware to set the CURRENT_MODULE properly in your implementations source files

Resolved Issues

Resolved storage issue during power loss in FlashTicketRevocationStore - Store now ends up in a working state in all cases of power loss.

Strange error handling behavior is solved and more handy: - If BlueIDError_createError(ERROR_NONE) is called, a BlueIDError_OK is generated - If ERROR_HANDLER_HANDLE_ERROR(BlueIDError_OK) is called, nothing happens and it's not regarded as an error - Hexadecimal values have 0x prefix in logging messages now

Removal announcement of deprecated APIs

see: Removal of deprecated APIs