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Preparation before Installation


  1. On-site inspection:
    An inspection of the premises with an installer or BlueID and the building owner or tenant is recommended. In addition to a detailed picture of the on-site situation, possible special features (“edge cases”) can be addressed, if necessary. The order for the necessary hardware can be therefore adapted (unless the inspection is expressly part of the offer).

  2. Measurement of the cylinder allowance:
    The allowance must be measured on site for all cylinders that are to be replaced or newly installed by BlueID. The best way to do this is to use a vernier caliper to measure the outside and inside dimensions of the required cylinder. It is important that the fittings are included on both sides, otherwise the length of the cylinder housing will be too short.

  3. Checking the floor plan:
    It is recommended to check the floor plan and draw the new cylinders or door handles to be installed in it and send them to BlueID. This way it can be agreed in advance which new hardware is to be installed on which lock.

  4. Mechanical installation:
    Mechanical installation according to the installation instructions available in each model's manual.

  5. Setup in ACCESS:
    a. Binding of the locks: link the lock and cylinder / door handle in ACCESS or directly in the LAA.
    b. Creating lock groups: create the necessary lock groups in ACCESS.
    c. Creating the key plan: create the key plan in ACCESS based on the floor plan.
    d. Creating residents: create your users in ACCESS.
    e. Inviting residents: invite your users via ACCESS.