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Ready2Go UART protocol

Ready2Go UART protocol

The UART protocol is available in two different versions: legacy and CBOR based protocol.

Lock Server status Command execution
0x00 successful
0x01 - 0xFF failed
CBOR based protocol

The CBOR Object Length is the number of bytes of the CBOR object. It is coded in big-endian.

The CBOR object is a well formed object with a tag-value structure.

Name Tag Value Description Type
Lock Server Status 254
Value Description
0x00 Command execution successful
0x01 - 0xFF Command execution failed
Command ID 101

The 4 digit code of the BlueID command

Note: its value is the same of the tag used in the command response.

Text string
Token ID 250 The command Token ID Text string
Mobile Device ID 251 The Mobile Device ID executing the command Text string
User Data 252 The user data is a byte array whose maximum length is 165 bytes. Byte array