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Installation manual Iseo Cylinders


  • Libra Smart – Electronic knob cylinder, knob module as a double knob cylinder with electronic authorization on one side
Required tools & accessories
  • ISEO cylinder in original packaging, incl. 2.5mm Allen key
  • ISEO Master Card Set
  • Optional: ISEO assembly / disassembly tool for Knauf cover
  • BlueID Lock Admin App, including tenant name, user name and password
  • BlueID ACaaS Web GUI, including tenant name, user name and password
  • Phillips screwdriver for M5
Mechanical installation

The technical data on dimensions, power supply, operating temperature, installation location and more can be found in the product data sheet.

ISEO, Libra Smart, electronic knob module - Data sheet

ISEO, Libra Smart, electronic knob module - Assembly instructions

ISEO, Libra Smart, Electronic Cylinder - User Manual

1. Observe the manufacturer's warning and installation instructions.
Assembly instructions - “Notes”, “Notes for the installer”, p. 1

2. Familiarize yourself with the structure and scope of delivery of the cylinder.
User manual - “Package contents”, p. 16

3. Insert the battery into the electronic knob module and screw the cover onto the module
Assembly instructions - p. 1 left

4. Remove the mechanical knob module.
Assembly instructions - “B”, p. 1 right

5. Mount the cylinder housing in the lock and then the mechanical knob module on the cylinder housing.
Assembly instructions - “B”, p. 1 right

Installation and set up
  1. Learn in the ISEO Master Card by holding it in front of the electronic knob. Successful teach-in is confirmed by acoustic and visual signals.

  2. Set the time with the help of the BlueID Lock Admin App.

  3. Create a new lock in the ACCESS Web GUI.

  4. After the lock has now been created in the Access GUI, the cylinder is now assigned with the Lock Admin App.

  5. Test the functionality with the help of the Lock Admin App.

  1. Battery change: In the Lock Admin App, click on the “Maintenance” button and then in the maintenance menu on “Change battery” to retract the locking pins of the knob cover. Then remove the knob cover using the battery changing tool.
    User manual - “Battery replacement”, p. 18ff

  2. Function test & error retrieval.

  3. Firmware Update.