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Troubleshooting for ISEO Zero1 secured by BlueID

The first section contains a general troubleshooting guide.

Below that one can find the ISEO specific hints.

Common problems and their reasons

Most problems can be solved quite easily. Please check first at the according product page for known issues and product specific troubleshooting. The following table gives you an overview over common problems as well as how to fix them:

Observed behavior Reason How to fix Implications
The lock does not react at all. The battery is empty. Replace the battery. After replacing the battery, it may be necessary to set the time on the lock again.
The lock or mobile device signals that there's no valid token. The time on the lock is wrong. Check the time using the 'gtim' command. That token must start before 1/1/2016 00:00 UTC. If the time is inaccurate, set the time using the 'time' command. Please bear in mind that setting the wrong time is a security threat. Thus, this should only be done by authorized persons.
The token is expired. Create a new token.
The token is not valid yet. If you are sure that the token should be valid, the time on the lock may be inaccurate. See above for setting the time.
The token was revoked. Create a new token.
The mobile device cannot find the lock. You are not in front of the lock. Please make sure you selected the right lock and you are in front of it.
The battery is empty. See above for replacing the battery.
The Bluetooth module of your smartphone has issues. Put your smartphone into flight mode, wait a few seconds, turn it on again and try again.
If that does not help, try to reboot your smartphone and try again.
The BlueID Token Card is not working. The time on the lock is wrong. See above 'The time on the lock is wrong'
The BlueID Token Card is broken Replace the BlueID Token Card through an other
The BlueID Token Card has no valid token for that lock Contact your BlueID Token Card issuer and check or rewrite the card
The command 'tokn' does not work. Office mode is enabled. Disable the office mode using the 'diof' command.
Privacy mode is enabled. ISEO Aries only: Turn off the privacy mode by engaging the switch.

If supported by the lock, please try to access it with a different interface, e.g. when you have problems using Bluetooth, try to use it with NFC with a BlueID Token Card and vice versa.

If you cannot access a lock via Bluetooth, please try a different phone or use a BLE scanning app to see if the lock is even visible. Please note that the Secured Object ID is not the local name of a Secured Object! You can retrieve the proper local name using the Operator API.

ISEO Lock does not react

Please try the following steps. Once the lock reacts again, you can stop.

  1. Manually restart the ISEO lock by taking out the battery, plug the battery in again and try again

  2. Try opening with the ISEO User card

  3. Change the battery and try again. It may be necessary that you set the time again afterwards.

ISEO Lock flashes red and beeps

Reason: The battery is almost empty.

Required action: Please change the battery. You might have to set the time again.

ISEO Lock flashes red twice

Reason: The user tried to execute an unknown command

Required action: Please verify that the user's BlueID token triggers a command which is known by the lock.

Since version: v6

ISEO Lock flashes red once

Reason: The lock is locked or some internal error occurred.

Required action: Please try again if the lock did not respond

ISEO Lock flashes red and green and beeps a lot on command execution

Security Warning

If no ISEO Master Card was assigned to the lock, a potential attacker could overtake the lock by presenting a foreign ISEO Master Card!

Reason: You get this annoying signaling because, due to security reasons, it is required to assign an ISEO Master card to the lock.

Required action: Put your ISEO Master card with card number #1 next to the lock to set the system's code.

Since version: v9

Data and information required for support requests

If you cannot help yourself, we are happy to answer your support request. To handle this efficiently and quickly, we ask you to give us a detailed problem description as well as to collect as much data as you can gather and put that into the support request.

Lock settings

When the lock behaves strangely but still is available, you can use our BlueID Lock Admin App and query information from the lock:

Information Command to use Notes
Battery level batt
BlueID version vers
Time on lock gtim Make sure the token starts before 1/1/2016 00:00 UTC
Hardware revision

ISEO: hrev

U&Z: avhw and avfw

Excerpt from the User Access Log gual Please make a screenshot of the relevant entries!

When the lock does not respond to commands properly, you can also use the Lock Admin App to send a log report to our support desk.

If you get an unknown response code check BlueID Access commands and response codes for an explanation.

Details from the Operator API

With the BlueID Operator API, you can get much information about your devices and tokens. If possible/applicable, please query the Operator API to provide information about:

  • the Secured Object

  • the Mobile Device

  • the BlueID Token/Ticket that was used

Document the behavior of the lock

If the lock is not completely dead (e.g. due to an empty battery), it responds with acoustic and visual feedback. The easiest and less error-prone way to provide information about these sequences is to make a video recording of the lock when the problem arises.