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SDK for C 3.5

Release Notes SDK for C 3.5

License information

Please read the detailed information at BlueID Open Source Software Documentation in our documentation space about recently added third-party software under open source license.

New Features

Improved BlueID Token Card support

BlueID Token Cards v2 support integrated - Up to 4x more tokens can be stored on a card compared to the previous version. - Existing cards must to be re-formatted to benefit from these improvements. This version of BlueID SDK for C still supports the old card format BlueID Token Cards v1, but support for them will be removed in a future version. Please see Removal of deprecated APIs


The interface of the RecordStore and RecordStoreClassStruct include now a function to clear the entire store. This avoids having to delete each record separately when the whole store shall be cleared. The capacity of a FsRingBuffer can now be retrieved easily.

Removal announcement of deprecated APIs

see: Removal of deprecated APIs