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SDK for C 3.3

Release Notes SDK for C 3.3

License information

Please read the detailed information at BlueID Open Source Software Documentation in our documentation space about recently added third-party software under open source license.

New Features

Support for BlueID Token Cards integrated

PKI NFC Card Protocol for token cards is implemented in the BlueID core New NFC module availabe in core containing - NfcProvider - NfcConnection

Inclusion of templates for CommandExecutionHandlers

The SDK for C release contains now templates for CommandExecutionHandlers to make the integration process easier

Extended "On Device" tests

The "On Device" tests include now additional tests for the providers. This allows an integrator to check the conformity of his implementation of the providers.


Unit test coverage has been increased to over 85% The TicketStore is now able to store the mobile device's public key together with a ticket The directory structure of the SDK for C release has been changed (e.g. the common components have been renamed to modules and moved)

Removal announcement of deprecated APIs

see: Removal of deprecated APIs