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SDK for C 3.8.1

Release Notes SDK for C 3.8.1

License information

Please read the detailed information at BlueID Open Source Software Documentation in our documentation space about recently added third-party software under open source license.

New Features

Differentiation of error codes for NFC cards (see PROVIDER_ERROR_CODES)


  • NfcError.h was removed, error codes are now implemented in ProviderErrorCode.h
  • If SystemInformationProvider_getBatteryState raises and ERROR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED, the batt command leads to an response code 52.
  • Response for "batt" command has a dedicated response type.


  • Mobile Device ID was not available in command handler when executed via channel nfcpki
  • Token cards tokens with begin date before 2014 are accepted again

Removal announcement of deprecated APIs

see: Removal of deprecated APIs

Release date