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BlueID Branding Usage Guidelines

BlueID Branding Usage Guidelines

1.Hardware Products - Branding

The Customer is obliged to place the sticker provided by Marketing at BlueID GmbH with the following text on the Hardware Product Packaging: "Secured by BlueID GmbH. / www.blueid.net". The text should be placed in the right corner of the bottom fifth of the packaging.The mentioned sticker with the logo and the text will be available to Customers and will be provided by Marketing Department of BlueID GmbH.

For Hardware Products with already existing info prints (example nr.3), it is strongly advised that the Customer places BlueID logo on the area either by printing it or using a sticker provided by BlueID GmbH.\ You can find the the BlueID logo in different formats below.

2. Software Products - Branding

The Customer / Partner commits himself to provide an explicit information about BlueID:

  • In the "About the application" section within the Customer's / Partner's App. The Customer/Partner is obliged to place the following text in the first two paragraphs of the "About the application" section: "Secured by BlueID Technology. For more information please visit www.blueid.net".

  • The Customer / Partner is obliged to place the logo "Secured by BlueID" in his/her information about the third-party suppliers, service providers and partners within the app itself.

  • The Customer / Partner is requested to place the downloadable logo "Secured by BlueID" in his/her App on the bottom fifth of the Splash Screen. If for any reason this placing does not meet the visual requirements or doesn't comply with the Customer/Partner's Corporate Style Guide, this option can be waived upon reviewing the reasons it cannot be carried out.

All "Secured by BlueID" logos can be found below.

Screen colour options:

3. Customer's / Partner's Marketing Materials - Branding:

The Customer / Partner is obliged to place the "secured by BlueID GmbH" logo on their marketing materials where:

  • the list of their features including the access part is mentioned

  • the access part has its own slide, poster, brochure, etc.

Term "Marketing Materials" in this document defines: website, e-invites, newsletters, marketing emails, presentations, brochures, flyers and posters.

The BlueID Logos

Logo Description Preview
BlueID_SecuredBy_Blue.eps to be put on white and/or very light backgrounds
BlueID_SecuredBy_Black.eps to be put on black and/or grey background
BlueID_SecuredBy_White.eps to be put on blue and other colour backgrounds