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Release Notes Ready2Go for Nordic nRF52832 1.5

License information

Please read the detailed information at BlueID Open Source Software Documentation in our documentation space of the BlueID customer portal about recently added third-party software under open source license.


Updated to BlueID SDK for C 3.10.1 See Release Notes BlueID SDK for C 3.9 and Release Notes BlueID SDK for C 3.10.1 for details on changes since the last nRF52832 release. Implementation of platform SystemInformationProvider to gather details about the current system state. Implementation of version and status command in CBOR for core support. Revocation and user access logs are cleaned after command execution to avoid flash erase during BLE activity. Important: in order to activate this feature the appropriate flags must be set for both flash stores before initializing them. UART log protocol has been extended to optionally support CBOR format with user data. See Ready2Go UART protocol for details. Optimized BLE interface

Resolved Issues

Infrequent watchdog reset during flash write operations. Fix for UART provider race condition.

Release Date