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Signaling of Uhlmann & Zacher secured by BlueID

UX for lock state

The U&Z handles and knobs provide only feedback to the current command. In contrast, U&Z wallreaders also show the current state of the lock by constantly blinking the appropriate LED:

State Blink color
permanently open
UX for command

The following commands are implemented and can be interpreted by the firmware. For more information regarding the BlueID Access Commands please refer to the BlueID Access Commands documentation.

Command Action Success Failure
tokn Engage coupling for 5s 1x1x 1x
enof Engage coupling permanently 1x 1x
diof Disengage coupling permanently 1x 1x
time Set the time 1x 1x
gtim Get the time 1x 1x
cual Clear the users access log 1x 1x
gual Get the user access log 1x 1x
vers Get the lock's firmware version 1x 1x
boot Switch to FOTA bootloader 1x 1x
mtnc Switch into maintenance / UUZ program mode 1x 1x
ckfw check and compares the FW version of the AVR controller specified in the project with the one actually read from the AVR 1x 1x
Blink and Beep
UX for NFC
Action UX From version
An NFC card has been detected but it isn't a BlueID card (or not initialized) 1x UUZ 6
A BlueID NFC card has been detected, but card version is too old 1x UUZ 6
A BlueID NFC card has been detected, but no ticket has been found 1x UUZ 6
A BlueID NFC card has been detected, but although there are tickets on it, none of them is valid for the secured object 1x UUZ 6
Generic NFC Error 1x UUZ 1
Presentation Description
Blink and Beep
Memorize service key

In its original condition (delivery status), the service key has not been memorized by the locking unit. 1. Wake up the locking unit by turning them several times. Upon success the device responds with three long audible signals. 2. Within the next 15 seconds hold the service key card in front of the locking unit. When successful, you can hear two short followed by one long audible signals.

Standard Uhlmann & Zacher Signals