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3. Best practices / FAQ

3. Best practices / FAQ

What's the best sequence of setting up ACaaS for a new building?
  1. Install the cylinders

  2. Create locks and lock groups in ACaaS (or import them)

  3. Create users an assign roles in order to login (frontend, apps)

  4. Map the cylinders to locks using the BlueID lock installation app

  5. Connect mobile devices to ACaaS

    1. either by sending invitation e-mails to residents, and using the BlueID keys app

    2. or by using your custom app with our SDK to connect the device to our backend

  6. Create keys for residents/lock-groups

Should I use predefined or customized roles for users?

Every ACaaS tenant comes with a set of predefined roles so that you - as a customer - don't have to worry about the correct set of permissions. The most powerful user is the "administrator" who is allowed to view and use all the features we offer. You should limit the access to this role in any case. E.g., this user is also allowed to use the NFC writer app, but sharing the credentials might become dangerous. We highly recommend to use the permissions and roles where necessary. It is possible to operate ACaaS with the predefined roles and limit the permissions to whats necessary at the same time.

If the predefined roles do not match your requirements create your own customized roles and assign them. Take your time to find the best fit in order to prevent misusage of the system.