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BlueID Keys App

BlueID Keys App

This app is used by the end users (Residents) who need to open locks they have been granted access to. It has the same use of NFC Cards and Dongles while having a lot more advantages, being an online tool. In fact the Keys App, other than being able to host an infinite number of Access Permission where NFC cards have to respect their memory limit, can sync Access Permissions that have been added or renewed, just by swiping down the lock listing screen.

  • iOS 13.0, Android 7.0

  • Internet connection while initialising the app and syncing locks

  • Locks listing

    • Open lock
  • Lock details

    • Open lock
    • Set lock to office mode
    • Lock opening logs
  • Settings

    • Locks reordering (most used, recently used, RSSI strenght, alphabetical)
    • Language (German, English)
    • onTouch settings
    • Access logs
    • User Guide
    • Logout
    • App version
Usage of the BlueID Keys App

After downloading the Keys app from the stores, Residents need to receive an invite from their Tenant (or facility manager). The app initialisation can happen by clicking on the invitation email link with the same device where the app is installed, by scanning a QR code, other than copying manually the activation code.

When the app is initialised and ready to be used, and the Mobile Device ID stored in the Backend of the Tenant, Residents are ready to be granted Access Permissions for the Locks they can use.

Whenever the Access Permissions are granted by the Tenant, syncing the app (swipe down) will show the full list of locks the Resident has access to. To open locks Residents just need to tap on the lock icon or swipe it left.

Tapping the name of the lock will lead to the Lock Details screen. From here residents will be able to check their own entry logs related to that lock and obviously also open the lock.

Finally, clicking on the gear icon on top right will lead to the app settings. Available settings are: reordering locks listing, changing language, defining onTouch preferences, checking entry logs for all available locks, opt-out from anonymous tracking and logout from the Tenant (which requires a new invite).