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Aries Privacy mode and command precedence

Aries: Privacy mode and command precedence

This page only applies to ISEO Zero1 Aries locks, other series like Libra and Stylos are not affected!

Prior to BlueID SDK for ISEO Zero1 v7, an activated privacy mode (knob at the Aries) could only be overruled by using the command vipo.

Version 7 changed that behavior as users were previously able to lock themselves out. From now on, vipo has the same precedence as tokn (which makes it also deprecated) and the only command with a lower precedence is the new command svop (service open). All other commands, including tokn, enof, diof and toof don't get affected by an activated privacy mode. ISEO user cards (not to be confused with BlueID token cards) are handled the same way a tokn command is handled and thus also overrule the privacy mode.