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BlueID Token Card Description

BlueID Token Card Description

BlueID Token Card

The BlueID token card allows to use the BlueID System not only with smartphones but also with NFC dongles. The BlueID token card work with BlueID offline (Facility) and online solutions (Automotive).

In offline, the token get written onto the card using e.g. the BlueID token writer app. Then when you hold the card to a compatible door, the door finds the right token and does a challenge-response with the card.

In online the token get downloaded to the car control unit. When a card is presented to the reader, the control unit reads the uid and finds the right token using this uid. Then a challenge-response is done with the card.

Supported Products

BlueID Token Cards are supported by these products at the moment:

  • Uhlmann & Zacher Locks secured by BlueID

  • ISEO Locks secured by BlueID

  • Sensorberg Wall Reader secured by BlueID

Technical Details
Form factor
Key Fob
Name Value
Color blue
Logo BlueID
Size 3.5cm x 4.8cm x 0.5cm

Key Card
Name Value
Color white
Logo BlueID
Size 8.56cm x 5.398cm

Hardware and software
Name Value
Chip NXP P60D145
Type MIFARE Smart MX2
OS MTCOS by masktech
Max. #token 800
MIFARE DESFire not yet

Smaller chips like P60D040 possible.