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Central overview of all information sources

Central overview of all information sources


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Newsfeed URL Description
BlueID Newsletter https://www.blueid.net/#contact Receive all news about your and future products
BlueID Status-Page Newsfeed Status-Page >> Subscribe to Updates Receive all announcements about updates and maintenance of BlueID Cloud Services
Information URLs
Service URL Description
BlueID Status Page https://blueid.statuspage.io Central monitoring of all BlueID Cloud Services
Customer Portal https://docs.blueid.net BlueID documentation and FAQ
Customer Portal - Download GITLAB Repository Downloads of BlueID Mobile SDKs and BlueID Embedded Software
Former Customer Portal https://projects.muc.baimos.com BlueID Customer Protal before July 2020 - has been replaced by GITLAB Repository
Service URLs

See BlueID Environment for all service URLs and endpoints